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Music is where your heart and mind meet.

—Fresh Daily.

Keepin’ it FRESH on the DV rooftop!x

DVTV Session #14 FRESH DAILY : Last Friday Brooklyn emcee Fresh Daily stopped by Delicious Vinyl to play an exclusive rooftop set, and chop it up about music, art, and everything in between in an interview afterwards…x


Next up is a Q&A I did a little while back with Liars around the time of releasing their most recent album WIXIW. Boys are deep man…

Karin Park Q&A

There’s more to my world, and the world generally, than hip-hop - so I’m posting a couple of non-boom bap features from earlier this year… First up - here is a Q&A I did with the striking Swedish songstress Karin Park…

I had a cassette single (of ‘Passin’ Me By’) which got listened to death. I remember pulling it out of a box of old tapes and listening to it on my portable stereo, on the first day in my college room the day I moved out of home.

—Chris Read, WhoSampled.

'When I First Heard Bizarre Ride' : Chris Read, WhoSampled

The DNA of Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde is made up of jazzy loops, rock and rap samples, youthful perspectives, longings, and rebellions - and, is entirely unique and special. So, for the sixth in my series of Q&As for Delicious Vinyl I questioned one of the heads from the music database WhoSampled about the albums rich tapestry. Check out the London DJ and BBE artist Chris Read’s memories of first listening to The Pharcyde…

Labcabincalifornia was one of the first albums to really draw my attention to Jay Dee.